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Thought I would chime in since I just finished up my fix for the resistor pack. Kverges has a lot of good info, here are my 2c adds:

1) Totally wish I noticed the screws on the rear most part of the clam didn't have to come all the way out before removing. Ditto on the little U shaped shims.
2 & 3) I was underwhelmed with settings 1 and 2 through the resistor pack. I jumpered settings 1(L) and 2(M) to the large Green Yellow gauge wire 3 (H). Then after the 4 pin connector I pulled new 12awg wire opposite the Green Yellow pin to the positive of the fan. Bypassing the use of the L and M wire connections. FWIW: Non contact Amp draw measurement on the 14V bench supply showed an 18A draw for the blower. I took apart the resistor pack, removing the corroded and melted mess, and then just used the piece that connected to the blower to cover the hole (meant for cooling the resistors) in the blower. I am happy with this setup, foot and defog mode blow a great amount of air, face setting is 'meh', probably due to the restrictive nature of the tubes going to the four outputs.
4) Yes, I cut a slice about an inch up in the hose and put a long zip-tie through it so I could pull the hose back after connecting it to the bottom of the evaporator box.
5) Yes, a lot of swearing. I kicked myself a bit into it after I finally noticed that the passenger side of the evap box sits on a shelf and not all the way down into the well. After realizing this, getting the box in and out was not that bad.
6)-11) ditto.

FWIW: The dealership 'had' performed the 'recall' drain hole modification, but neglected to actually drill through both sides of the sandwiched aluminum panel, so if you think you had that recall done, you may want to check their work.

Thanks and good luck.
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