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I agree with Mayster. It took me two solid days to take everything apart and back together again. If you want a little extra assurance that you didn't get water into the system you can replace the drier unit on the AC. My understanding is that these are standard units that any auto parts store will carry. Replacing the o-rings is a good idea--I tried to get all the o-rings at the dealer based on part numbers and they didn't carry them all--again, a local parts store should carry A/C system o-rings and be able to match them up. I like the idea of evacuating and checking for leaks prior to filling for the reasons Mayster stated.

Definitely the most frustrating part of the whole experience is getting the heaterbox and blower back in position. Take your time getting all wiring and A/C lines out of the way (I used zip ties to hold everything back). It difficult to describe why this step is so hard, but it is obvious once you start. The parts have to slide and rotate at the same time so they can come together in the right spot and there is essentially zero clearance anywhere. The only two hints I can come up is to make sure the surfaces that have to slide are bare and clean so they don't hang up and I used zip ties to help rotate the blower motor properly as it was seating.

Good luck!
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