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Good advice Bryan, I also changed my drier for good measure. The O-rings are all available at NAPA (a few had to be ordered but only took a day), I quoted the part numbers in one of these threads, let me know if you can't find it.

The other thought that comes to mind is the AC charging. Getting just the right amount of refrigerant can be a little tricky, I used one full can and a partial on a second because they were 12 oz cans. I believe 20 ozs is the magic number (at least for a 2005) and there are no 20 oz cans.

If you use a gauge set you have to allow for a little that remains in the hoses which I believe is an ounce or two depending on hose length. What I did, was to weigh the can with a digital scale, and using a valve, very carefully let out the extra 2 ounces prior to charging. There will be those who will say this is environmentally not responsible, but I don't agree. The chemical compound is the same thing that is used to dust off computer keyboards and I've used nearly an entire can a few times to clean the crap out of my keyboard, so a couple of ounces won't make a difference.

Maybe Bryan or someone has a better (greener) solution to this.

Also, if you change out your drier you should add an additional amount of PAG beyond the normal amount that comes in some of the cans. You can add this directly before attaching it.

I bought straight refrigerant and added my own dye and oil with an injector but that may be a little beyond where you want to go since the injector alone is about $50. Most of the stuff you get at any auto parts store is pre-loaded with dye and oil. Make sure you get one with the right oil.

The way I view it is I was saving about 1800-2000 over having the dealer do it, so investing a few hundred in gauges, injectors etc. was a worthwhile investment and still saving me a ton.
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