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My two cents: NEVER, EVER buy a car (any car, new or used) without an INDEPENDENT pre-purchase inspection! After getting a severely defective certified preowned Porsche, I did some pretty extensive research into cars marketed though dealers. They have gotten their monies worth from the lobby industry and it is truly staggering the shady practices that go on for new and used cars. I now try to buy from dealers that have checked out as trustworthy AND that will stand behind a problem. I also drive to the adjacent state that has a much better lemon law then my own. It's a pain, but no where near as much of a pain as the three years I have spent trying to resolve the $100,000 defective piece of crap Porsche with its 119 or whatever point inspection. (Thank you Jim Ellis Porsche and Porsche of North America).

Try and work out a fair resolution with the dealer directly. You may find they worry a lot more about negative social media and yelp type reviews then anything legal.
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