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Originally Posted by Aedo View Post
I don't have specific Lotus bushing experience... but those look fine to me.

For reference new is 26mm, and minimum is 24mm... so "a mm" is 50%.
So gaps between the bushing and the control are OK? What would you consider unacceptable migration, and what is your assessment based on?

I mispoke on the rotors. Here's what my tech said about them -

"The service limit for the rotors is 24mm, this means that if they are below 24 mm they should be replaced. Your front rotors were at 24.9 mm, which is too close to consider turning the rotor. The rear rotors were at 25.1 mm on the left and 24.7 on the right."

To all who said get an independent PPI. I know! I broke my own rule here b/c they are a dealer . . .

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