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Testing operation

I've been going about this repair slowly and have the car apart and the replacement lotus kit installed. The wires going into the resistor pack were thoroughly melted, necessitating the replacement of the blower power wire cable. Would it be safe at this point to plug the blower and resistor pack plug back in, reconnect the battery, and turn the car ignition to the on position to test the blower operation? Or would this cause some kind of damage that I'm not thinking of.

Also, I was thinking of changing out the hvac box flap motor as that actuation has been trouble in the past. Unfortunately to remove the motor you need access to two nuts inside the box, only one of which is accessible unless you leave the flaps half open. Which I did not. Trying to force the flap meets with quite a bit of resistance and, since every plastic piece in the box feels like it was made by the lowest bidder, I'm hesitant to give it much elbow grease. Anyone run into this before?
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