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I didn't realize this section existed on LotusTalk until a few days ago. My wife and I moved from Alaska last summer and will be building a home here in Colorado in the near future. We're both CSU grads from about 25 years ago ... we met there, finished college and have been married ever since.

Name: Glen Denning

Car Type/Year: 2011 Lotus Elise SC in Chrome Orange with Black/Sport/Touring Packs, LSD, hard and soft tops.

Intended use: Street

Miles driven per year: ≈ 7,500

Mods: Some of these are for function, some for convenience ...
- daytime running light delete
- VW programmable wiper relay
- SSC shift & crossgate cables
- Innovative Engine Mounts (60A), front and back
- Radium catch cans
- Auger Resources Delrin shift knob
- GG Tyler Aluminum carpet buttons
- S111 MicroMirror (to be replaced with VW Bug mirror)
- LETSLA shift linkage
- my own design shift console brace
- my design and fabrication HDPE splitter / front lip protector
- remove passenger footrest, replaced with toolbox
- brake calipers painted yellow
- Radium Ti lug bolts
- Radium coolant tank
- Radium rear clam removal kit
- 2.5 lb Halotron fire extinguisher mounted in trunk
- Fast Toys Performance full-length carpets
- rear window security film
- Chimera LiFePo4 battery
- RLS quarter turn diffuser/tray fasteners
- s111 gPan2 baffled oil pan
- custom upholstered driver arm rest pad with carbon fiber back plate
- HKFever carbon fiber door pulls
- BOE toe links
- S111 DBW pedals for heel-and-toe improvement
- custom 4-bar hinge for rear clam in progress

Best contact: [email protected]

Part of town: Unincorporated Arapahoe County

Car-specific Trivia: The carbon and glass in the parts I've made for the car are Predator scraps.

Picture of car:

Here is a picture of our car the day before snow closed Trail Ridge Road in 2014

This is an interior mod I haven't previously posted on LotusTalk. This arm rest keeps my elbow from going numb on long drives. It just sits on the sill, held in place with friction. When it's not in use, I just slide it vertically between the seat and the sill.

Here is another item I haven't posted in the main section of LotusTalk. These pictures show the rear-most bar of a 4-bar hinge I'm building for the rear clam. The project was interrupted by moving from Alaska to Colorado. It will get finished once we build a new house and garage.

Picture of you: This is the Silver Eagle, a battery-powered electric vehicle that set 21 land speed records - 14 National and seven International - in August 1971 at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Top speed was 152.598 mph. I'm the kid behind the right front wheel, my dad is on the far right and Joe Petrali is the oldest guy in the front row.


2011 Lotus Elise SC

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