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I'll definitely have the cameras running, hoping to catch some clouds of tire smoke behind me. Even if not she should be pretty fun - and bri3d given I usually run below 2:00 in the Exige a 2:10 should be pretty attainable. She's fat sure but she's got a ton of grip and certainly enough power. On Top Gear's track an XF-R was only .3 slower than a stock Exige. Sure mine is far from stock so we'll have to see if I can break 2:10. A good friend runs 2:05-2:06 in his Cayman S and the XF-R was dead even with it on TG. Hopefully I at least match his best but he's got a few mods and will be on r-comps where I'm just gonna be on summers.

If any of you guys are serious about going out get registered ASAP - they need 10 registrations by Friday afternoon to decide if they're gonna run or not.

Oh, Glen I'll most likely be there (what's the date again, do you know?) and as for an instructor my advice will be to either go out with PCA or BMW as both will assign you an instructor for the day and both are about $200/day (for 4 25 minute runs). If you want to do private instruction Chris Sarian's group does private instruction of lapping days for $400/$600 half/full day. Depending on the day I too have done a fair bit of private instruction and am cheaper than that - feel free to PM me if you're interested.


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