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Absolute power does what?
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Just closing out the thread as I had a great time today with Bri3d (Brian) and a few other local friends in a Cayman S, S2000 and 944 Turbo. Was only able to manage a 2:12 in the, well there's no other word for it - sport yacht! I couldn't believe how much the Jag rolled around, it was rather hysterical. It was fun throwing it sideways in the tight corners and while it didn't feel completely out of place it sure wasn't in its element. Ran 3 sessions in it and got some kind of limp mode in the last one (but no warnings on the dash or anything) so I figured that was probably the end of it's track career. Brakes and tires (especially) fared far better than I expected but my front wheels have gone from silver to a deep gun metal. I was able to hold Brian off in his stock '06 Elise (sorry Brian) so I was fairly pleased about that.

The stats on the Jag vs. Exige are pretty fun.

Jag, 4300lbs, 510hp, 8.4 lbs/hp
Exige, 1900lbs, 420hp, 4.5 lbs/hp

So the Exige is half as heavy with essentially double the horsepower - no wonder I'm 14 seconds quicker in the Exige! I suppose sometimes the car really does matter, huh??


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