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Originally Posted by mcarpenter675 View Post
I posted this on the other page too. From what I understand, they sell you items then call around to dealerships and buy the item for discount, then sell it to you. I had a situation with some touch up pain taking 2 months because they said it was being shipped from England; however, when it came it had a business card from a dealership in California. I have also talked with a couple of dealerships and they told me the same thing, and apparently their prices are out of date so it takes them a while to find the price at a lower point.
Thank you for the post but this is incorrect.

Paint is an interesting example. Paint has a shelf life. Any dealer who stocks it is asking for trouble since over time it deteriorates. We always order fresh. Your paint went through a California dealer as we ordered fresh and with other parts which happened to funnel through that particular outlet. This may have had to do with your location or the day of the week we received the order and were able to submit it to Lotus as different outlets have different submission days for standard orders.

We work with a network of dealers in the US, Europe and Asia. Since Lotus does not have a distribution network like mainstream manufacturers, it largely relies on dealer stock. By having several dealers as partners, we are able to expedite the parts shipments as much as possible rather than making the client wait for "stock order" days. Sometimes it can not be avoided and frankly, as the market has become more difficult to sell the new cars, dealers are stock fewer and fewer parts. That means more reliance on Lotus Cars for supplies which in turn means longer lead times.

We also carry our own stock at our corporate offices in Philadelphia.

Our prices are current and we are constantly updating them. If you have a specific question on pricing, call or email us and we can confirm availability and pricing for you.
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