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Originally Posted by MotoGeek View Post
I work across the street from Park Place and would be happy to take it for a drive, or inspect it on their rack. Their parts dept knows me.

They're an authorized dealer, so I'd trust their PPI though, even if they are selling it. They did my private sale car when I bought it 5 years ago. I haven't found problems since that they didn't see, and I've had the body off several times. I would never expect the owner to pay for a PPI, but since Park Place is selling it, I would think they'd have done it already.

I tried to use Cantrell, but they never called me back. I get the impression that they're only interested in Porsche business now.
The car is not at Park Place, but a different dealer. It seems like either shop would be a decent choice from my limited reading. I assume both places will do the basic once over inspection, an ECU dump, cam check and compression test...?

Let me ask you guys this- do you think it is valuable to have a forum member take a look at the car, or do you think a PPI from one of these shops will be adequate for me to buy a car sight unseen? Or do you think I should fly up and look at it myself, not being a lotus expert?
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