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Originally Posted by Boosted2.0
It will also pass an EXTERNAL visual inspection for a bone stock spec race class in SCCA, NASA, etc. (The odds of getting caught even on a teardown are very slim, but I make no gaurantees - you can always take the stance that this is a stock part that was simply repaired to correct a factory defect)
First let me say I am not an autocrosser. Maybe rampant cheating goes on, I have no idea. But what I have seen on this forum in the past are posts from autocrossers who won't even change the slightest cosmetic part, because they would no longer be legal. Can you feel good about a winning time, knowing you cheated? Does saying 'everyone else is doing it' make it right?

I'm not going to write a long post on ethics and honesty. Everyone has their own line they won't cross, myself included. Everyone has to get up every day and look at themselves in the mirror. Is 'doing what you can get away with' worth it?
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