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Originally Posted by turbo2nr
In every form of racing I've ever seen or participated in, Cheating is everywhere! There is a fine art to cheating and not getting caught. That's 50% of the game right there. You pretty much HAVE to cheat to expect a win. Moto-X....people bored their motors out, swapped parts, porting, etc..Same thing all the way up to the pros. Same thing in NASCAR. Same thing in Formula 1. If you can't live with yourself for cheating, you probably won't see the podium often. Just my opinion....

I have some experience with this also. its been a while since i ran competitively, but FWIW. I roadraced motorcycles 750s at the time, and my freind, a mechanic, could just walk away from everyone on the straights, it was frustrating as this was the stock class. I could make up ground in the twisties on him , but then he would just move out on the straights again with nearly same postion on last turn, so it wasnt his drive was so much better than everyone elses. while it did make me a better rider being determined to catch him, it was hard to believe. he never fessed up , always said he spent lots of time jetting the carbs..etc.... 15 years later, he "broke" he admitted to doing "stuff" ;what it was, he wouldnt say. "thats racing" i guess we could have protested, but thats not my style.
another example was gokart roadracing. A guy could just leave us on the starts, and in straights. he is now a pro car racer (see him on TV). when the teardowns required for the winner came up, he declined and forfietted. that sucked, as us amatuers spent allot of effort to make the events. what sucked even more was they only wanted to see the skirts on the pistons, which is litterally removing 4 bolts on the head( takes 3 minutes max). the only reason someone would decline is they were not in specs, or they just didnt care about the 1st place trophy. I now did say something to the race director, but the guy was a "big name" so next time out they did a manditory tech on something else, specific gravity on fuel, or crap like that, but refused to check the skirts, where you really can make a ton of power(like that). rather than get pissed, i just stop going to the events. granted it could have been he was much better than all of us out there, but leaving us on the starts also??? i wont "cheat" in a competive event, never have, never will, BUT, for HPDE days, this sounds like a winner, also for any classes that allows for mods to the car, again, sounds like a winner. going to consider this one for myself.
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