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FS: 2006 Lotus Exige Supercharged - Arctic Silver

2006 Lotus Exige Supercharged VIN: SCCPC11186HL81933
47,1xx miles
PRICE: $44k (open to any offers as well!)
Clean title in hand
Near Raleigh, NC

07 Lotus Exige S/C (recently rebuilt due to worn bearing, good to go for a long time)
RLS intercooler with gold foil AL heatshield, carbon fiber 3 point shroud, light weight tubes and side scoop ducts
Radium surge tank mounted in the trunk
Intake cams replaced at 41k miles
Wider mesh installed on factory side scoops
Cup intake
KoldFire 270 Tune
Upgraded clutch (ACT)
Lightened flywheel
Gpan V2 Baffled Oil Pan
Custom clutch-pedal stop (limits throw of clutch pedal, 5 min to put in or remove)
Oil line recall completed
Forged radiator
Engine mount inserts (provides a light body massage at stop lights)
Taller 6th gear
Catch Cans (Saikou)

Carbotech XP12/10 Pads
BOE Stainless pistons up front
Titanium shims all around
SS brake lines

Half link kit
Nitron singles 24 levels of adjustment - Medium springs
V2 control arms

08 Exige full mohawk roof
15/16" Rotas wrapped in R888s | 205 Front and 245 Rear (Rear right wheel got curb rashed, this was fixed and re-sprayed)
DBW adjustable pedals. Customize the position to make heal toe easy
New Schroth 4 point harnesses installed on both seats
Fire extinguisher on the passanger side
Carbon Fiber front lip with plinth removed (looks to be 100% carbon fiber, not fiberglass composite)
Carbon Fiber center console
AC resistor pack replaced, and relocated to avoid future corrosion
HID headlight kit (driving at night is no problem)
Backup camera
Clarion stereo with bluetooth & ipod hook up
Lightweight battery (oddessy style with Sector mount & cut-off)
StarShield (recently replaced on front and rear clam)
Has soft-top mounting hardware installed in clam
Harness bar camera mount
RLS wide view side mirrors
Trunk lid was replaced. Original one had an incident with a garage door. Most of the rear clam was re-sprayed to match, xpel installed afterwards
Sprayed with Nano Skin paint sealer twice while in my care

I am the 4th owner, bought the car at 41k miles. I have done 5 track days and added about 6k miles. The rocker panel star-shield needs replaced, I am going to schedule replacement this month. I'll post newer pictures when this is done.

Here is a thread detailing some of the changes I made: https://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f157...-build-215721/

This is a great street or track car. Whenever I went to the track I would adjust the suspension to be stiffer, then soften it before heading home. I've taken it for a weekend cruise on many mountain and back country roads. Brake pads are amazing on track and very street able. They only have a little squeal at slow stops, warm up with one or two quick stops.

I wasn't expecting to sell it any time soon, work is ramping up in pace and will be taking a lot more of my time over the next few years. It is going to sit around more than I would like.

If you want to ask a question but can't use the PM system, you can contact me here: paperthinportal at gmail com

Sound of supercharger when going all out (stock exhaust is now back on the car, at the time of video it had the BOE ST):

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