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Intermittent fan post resistor pack fix

Over last winter I completed the resistor pack fix using the lotus relocation kit. This is basically a plug and play kit, very easy to install once you're in there. Tested the operation, blower fan worked far better than original. Put about 300 miles on the car, worked perfectly. Finally got around to having the AC system vacuumed and recharged. After that I started noticing that the fan would occasionally cut out for a few seconds after starting the car. It would come back on with normal operation. Cut to two weeks ago, one night the fan would not operate at all. I put in the garage for a week and when I came back to it I suddenly had fan operation again, with that initial cut out. Drove it all weekend with no issues. Took the car to work yesterday morning and it worked, stopped at starbucks, and when I came out the fan again was dead. Hasn't worked since.

This is incredibly frustrating to say the least. I'm loathe to tear it apart again to look for loose connections, but I'm not sure what else it could be. Anyone have any other thoughts as to what might be the issue? The only other odd behavior that I've noticed occurred this morning when I noticed that the speedometer is suddenly sitting 10 mph higher than it should, at rest and at all speeds. This is probably unrelated as I changed out with my display faceplate over the winter, but I thought I would mention it anyways as it was something that was functioning properly and then all of a sudden isnt.

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