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I smog 2-5 cars in California weekly. 2000+ smog is tested through the obd2 port, not a sniffer test. During the test, the smog machine asks if the car is turbo/supercharged. If the monitors are complete, the car could pass smog if the visual inspection was overlooked which is very possible because most smog techs are not familiar with a lotus Elise/exige. As far as bringing a car from out of state, that does not have to be done through chp. A vin verification can be done at the DMV. The vin verification will consist of verifying the vin on the dash, door, and federal/California smog sticker under the engine hatch. A DMV inspector will most likely overlook any turbo/supercharger as they just try to get as many vin verifications as possible.

To my point, CA smog is possible. Good luck with your sale. Nice looking car.

Edit: I have no personal experience with the tune on this car. I can not say one way or another if monitors are/can be set with this tune or another.

2005 Nightfall Blue Lotus Elise with ACT LE1-XTSS

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