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A/C Freezing Up

Bought our new 2005 Elise in Sacremento and proceeded to drive to Portland on a warm (95+) day. And found that the a/c froze up right nicely. As in the air flow through the vents took about 15 minutes to drop way down, and just wasn't cooling well. So, turn off the a/c, let it blow hot air for 20 minutes, then cool down again for a blessed 5 or so minutes, warm for 10, then hot for 20.

Soooo, after checking Freon charge (sight glass clear at 1000 rpm on a hot day) I scratched my head for a while. After talking to Rob at Dieschwerk this am I went down and pulled the flex hose off the top of the heater box - figuring perhaps I could learn something. And, well, lo and behold, check out the picture. Perhaps if the probe was inserted into the fins it would acutally work! Anyway, I'm hoping this is the issue.

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