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Looks like hopefully success

For those who have not pulled the flex hose off the top of the heater box, what you see in the picture I attached to my last post is a ways down in there. I got out my extended length needle nose and concluded there was no way. So, with a bit of twisting I was able to get my hand down all the way into the heater box and gently lever the bracket holding the sensor tube while bending the tube so the end could be pushed into the a/c core.

Then we drove around for a half hour in the humid 90 plus heat with the top off and the a/c blew cold the whole time. We were also able to tell that the temperature of the air was cycling up and down a bit, so it appeared the compressor was cycling, as it should.

Tentatively - I think we have success!

Funny, yesterday I also put 100 miles on our '73 Pantera. And noted that the compressor didn't seem to be cycling. But, hey, the car was comfortable in the 90 plus. Got home, did my let's-bend-ourselves-into-a-pretzel routine so I could lay under the passenger side dash and, low and behold, the probe for the temperature sensor had slid out of the side of the box and was reading ambient air. In goes the probe, with a slight bend to hopefully keep it there and - wow - compressor cycles like it is supposed to!

Hard to believe, but two nearly identical challenges resolved in one day.

Oh - also resolved the issue we had with the speedo reading 10 mph high. Had gone through the reset procedure serveral times, but it took Rob from Dieschwerks telling me that the interior light had to be on when the door opens to finally get the reset to work.

What else on this little gem? Oh, the drivers door went down with a solid clunk at the bottom - took off the panel, fiddle around for a while, got out my 4$40 digital borescope/laptop and spotted the little rubber bump-stop that had split and fallen into the front of the door. Sooo, short piece of thick rubber hose wedged around the bottom of the window guide - problem solved.

Slowly this little gem is becoming ours.
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