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2006 Exige Build Thread


First sorry, this post is damn near 100% vanity. I get a number of questions on various online sites about the mods to my Exige so I figured this was the place to keep them all in one post that I can update as the build progresses. At this point I've upgraded basically every system of the car from motor/power, transmission, brakes, suspension, aero, safety, interior, etc. While there are still a number of things on the list they are the big ones: drysump oil system, sequential transmission, cage/fire suppression. I couldn't be happier with the performance on the car and can't imagine any other car I'd rather have. I feel rather lucky that even if I hit the lottery tomorrow there's nothing I'd replace my Exige with - I would pour more money into mine to "finish" it but there's no other street based car I'd rather have. So with that here's the full list.

As always I welcome an input, thoughts or opinions on future mods, questions about what/why I've done and any bashing of some of the dumber things I've maybe done (expensive brushed indicator stalks on a track car, really??). Oh and because we all like pretty pictures (and @Vantage requested it) here's a shot from Road Atlanta in 2013

Here's one of my quicker laps around High Plains Raceway in Denver. 3 seconds off my fastest but one of the better videos I've done, definitely the best audio I've gotten.

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Engine bay
357whp / 260 wtq
BOE Rev400 Supercharger
Front mount intercooler
ARP headstuds/rod bolts
Mahle 10.5:1 pistons
Forged crank/connecting rods
Stock block (3k miles at build)
Jim Clayton Stage 3 head
Stage 3 cams
Ferra valves
Eibach springs
BOE Catch cans
Sector111 gPan3
BOE Fuel surgetank
BOE Coolant surgetank
BOE Fastworks custom dyno tune
Setrab rear oil cooler

Sector shift re-inforcer
Sector TransElixir fluid
Rebuilt trans with JUBU 3rd/4th
ACT HDDX race clutch
Ultralite-2 oil pressure gauge
Ultralite-2 oil temp gauge
Ultralite-2 voltmeter

Exhaust / Intake
ITG Cold Airbox
Force Fed headers
BOE QuarterStick race exhaust

Brakes / Suspension
Sector 111 Ultra discs
XX stainless steel lines
BOE Ti shims
Pagid RS14 pads
RBF600 fluid
BEO Vented pistons
Penske double adjustable coilovers
Hypersport 550/800lb springs
BWR race swaybar and bushings

Sector carbon front splitter
APR canards
APR carbon side scoops
APR GTC-200 carbon wing
BOE shear panel
BOE rear diffuer
Front brake calipers powdercoated black
All exterior bolts powdercoated black
All signal markers blacked out
Taillights tinted
Carbon wrapped interior pieces
Tinted windows
Built-in power cord for Passport 9500xi
Stereo delete
All interior bolts powdercoated
Black lotus emblems all around
Custom brushed alunimum indicator stalks
IMRP Side skirts
Full interior delete
Full HVAC delete
~1800 lbs empty/dry

Tillet B5 carbon seats
Scroth 6 point hybrid belts
Safecraft fire extigunisher
Sector extigunisher bracket
BBHook rear tow hook
Sector front tow hook
Airbag delete
3 point belt delete

BWR wheel stud kit
Interior carpet delete
OMP XXX wheel
Sector 111 qrHub quick release
Softtop rails installed
Braile 15lb battery
RLS milled battery bracket
Traqmate Complete data logger
RLS milled phone mount for Traqmate
Micro USB charger built into dash
Custom glovebox panel
CoolShirt 6qt bag system
LED footwell interior lights
Chasecam / 16GB recorder
Contour / Hero cameras
Traqdata II - RPM, Brake, Throttle, Oil Pres
FAST CoolShirt system
BOE Clam Hinge
Motorola UHF radios

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