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I moved the slave abutment screw out from [11.5 or 11.6] out to 11.9 and noticed I didn't get any grinding trying to get into reverse. It felt pretty good through all of the gears. (No change to where the pedal is engaging near the floor board of course.) I bumped it out a little more to 12.2 and everything is feeling silky smooth. Engagement of the clutch is still about the same with it being very quick to full engage, but I can get used to that. Also, there is no wheel spin when jacked up while in 1st gear & the clutch fully depressed. (I'll probably go back and adjust the clutch pedal adjustment a little to ensure no pressure is being applied to the clutch master and tweak the abutment screw closer to 12.0mm if possible).

I still may have an issue (cross posted here) with my brakes that I may not have fully resolved. While replacing the clutch, I also replaced the existing stainless braided lines with new braided lines, replaced the rear caliper piston, had the cylinder honed and installed new seals and boots. I'll have to test drive it in rush hour traffic to see if my issue returns. If it does, I can only replace the front brake lines with new ones also (I've been trying to only do one item at a time to isolate the issue instead of shotgun'n all of the parts and once and not knowing what was causing the problem. Others on the forums might find it helpful too.)

Thanks everyone for your much appreciated input to help get me to LOG for my 1st time!

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Clutch master and slave cylinders for reference:
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