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Not your typical A/C doesn't work post

So I'm having some A/C issues and I've done extensive research online. Basically, everything works but my cold air. I have cabin temperature for cold air and hot air for when it's cranked to hot. Compressor is also not engaging. The A/C snowflake does nothing but illuminate (no difference on or off).

I thought maybe I'm low on refrigerant so I had it checked. The refrigerant was vacuumed and recharged (no leaks detected)...still no cold air and the compressor didn't engage. I was hoping it would during the process but it never did.

So, on to the next step. I tested the A/C module by bridging the wires to manually make the compressor start. From what I read, I wanted to bridge the white/brown wire to the red. By the way...I checked all fuses you mentioned (two F's and C4) they looked fine but I replaced them just in case.

I did the compressor test this past weekend by jumping the brown/white with the red and sure enough, it kicked on! I turned the A/C on and it started to blow ice cold air then all of a sudden I hear a very loud hiss and smoke starts to appear from the engine bay. Refrigerant started to leak from the bottom tray and at this point, I'm pretty much in shock as to what is happening. I immediately shut the car off to check out what was going on in the engine bay. After the smoke cleared, I couldn't figure out where it came from, nor do I know if I did any damage. I reconnected the plugs to the switch and started the car. It sounded fine but no compressor, no A/C. I drove it around the block to make sure nothing was damaged, sounded fine, felt fine. I thought I'd try to jump it one more time by bridging the wires. The compressor turns on, no hiss, no smoke, my radiator fans turn on, no cold air though now, and if I hit the gas just a little bit, the car sputters and dies...What gives?!

Jumping the compressor, car runs like hell but the compressor works.

Hooking up normally, car runs great but no A/C, no compressor, no radiator fans.

Any advice? Bad switch relay or whatever that thing is next to the fuse box? My brain is starting to hurt...
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