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Originally Posted by LiveToDrive View Post
Sounds like your compressor was seized up and by jumping it you forced the clutch to engage which probably made your serpentine belt squeal loudly and possibly smoke. It's probably not a good thing to lock up that belt...not sure of the mechanical consequences from such a thing. If you're leaking refrigerant then you popped a seal at the inlet or outlet. You probably just needed a new compressor to begin with just like I did on my fiance's Elise. Use the Toyota MR2 ('05-'09) compressor...it's only $300 new and fits the stock belt (just barely).
Sorry, should've been a little more specific. The smoke was definitely Refrigerant related because it sort of lingered like a fog machine and didn't smell like a burning. Also, the squeal was more like air pressure being released, not a belt.

Thanks for the info on buying a new compressor but because my compressor actually started working when I jumped it, doesn't that mean my compressor is working and doesn't need replaced? By all means, correct me if I'm wrong

I know...I know...I know...we didn't buy this car for the A/C but I swear to god, it worked before, and it was great. Getting a taste of it again makes me want it even more. With winter around the corner, this may be put on the back burner till the spring.

Any other thoughts fellas?
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