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Originally Posted by jdawson View Post
Originally Posted by RideMooch View Post
If you're sticking with street tires it probably depends on what sizes are available; the RE71R for example doesn't come in a useful 15" for the front.
The 205/50/15 RE71R is my current favorite front tire for Super Street.
Yes, sorry for SS that's probably king of the hill. If you're running a class that allows wider, there isn't an RE71R in 15" that's wider than 205 (is what I should have said). I was looking for 225 width 15s recently - choices are BFG rival S or RS3 in a street tire. R1R I think is also available and maybe an R888 but for autocross it sounds like most folks have a hard time getting enough heat in the 888, so the new crop of top street tires may actually be faster.
You can get most of the fast street tires in a 16" 225 that'll work if it'll fit on the car.
The Ho Hos are available in any size we would want basically.

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