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Originally Posted by WERM View Post
I tried calling the dealership phone number indicated on their website three times last week, and nobody answered. Every time it went to voicemail and didn't have any sort of greeting like "hello, you've reached Victory Lotus, please leave a message..." and just went to the default "you've reached 609-xxx-xxxx." I mean, if you aren't gonna answer the phone or even set up the voice mail, how can I trust you care about anything else? Even though I did succeed in using them last fall, I think I'm gonna take my business elsewhere for now.
FWIW the number on their Lotus site goes to voicemail - Since the address is still Hopewell I'm guessing they didn't update the address or number since they officially moved. Call the Baker Jeep number and they'll answer right away.

I had an issue last week and called and they took me right in so Ian could check it.

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