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I bought a new A/C module on Ebay to see if the one I currently had was bad. It made sense to assume it was bad because the compressor wasn't turning on when I hit the A/C button but when I'd disconnect the module and "jump" the compressor, it fired right up. The A/C felt like it was working too. I attached a pic of the module I bought. If you're not familiar with it, it's above your front passenger wheel liner just to the side of your fuse box.

Keep in mind, I'm not sure I've ever heard my radiator fans cycle while I'm parked or driving. I'm assuming they work because once my car reaches 205 degrees, it starts to go down or maintain. When I'm driving, my temp reads between 180 to 190. If I'm sitting in traffic or at a long light, it gets as high as 205 (tops).

Here's where sh!t gets weird...

Over the weekend, I decided to switch out the modules. I held my breath with fingers crossed this would solve all my issues. The key was not in the ignition, all I did was disconnected the old module and connected the new. As soon as I connected the new, my radiator fans kicked on. Scared the hell out of me! haha

I started the car up and sure enough, I've got cold A/C and the car appears to be running just fine. I turn the car off and the radiator fans are still running? WTF is going on?

Obviously this isn't what I'd call a successful fix, at least not until I figure out why the hell my radiator fans are engaging with no key in the ignition and no reason to cycle. In my opinion, this has ECU written all over it.

I had a reflash done a few months ago at the Lotus dealer because my battery died and I got the CEL code for VIN mismatch. I think the code was P0630 if I'm not mistaken. I'm wondering if that jacked something up? Truth be told, I'm not exactly sure when the A/C stopped working, I didn't really use it because I had the top off a lot in the summer. I'm fairly certain the problem started after I had that reflash done though.

I've got nothing...someone?...anyone?...I'm all ears...

Sometimes I wish this car was a beat up rust bucket so I could karate kick the passenger door or elbow drop on the hood. It's not though...it's the prissy prom queen.
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