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Yup, good eye sniper...

I thought this was the correct part based on looks alone. I didn't realize their was an engine relay module that looked exactly the same which is what I got off Ebay.

The A.C. relay module A117M0038F has a brown label marked YWB100800.

The engine relay module A111E6024F has a white label marked YWB100970.

f*ck me...

Well, I guess that explains why it wasn't doing the job. Hope I didn't ruin anything plugging it in and starting the car even though I only did it once.

After a quick search, I'm pulling prices ranging from $120 to $200 for part number A117M0038F, is that about right? How much did you pay?

Agreed, I'll look into the possibly blown seal once I get this figured out. Thanks for you help!
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