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There has historically been a lot of dealer (does "stealers" sound familiar?) bashing on this website. I always go to a dealer for service, and have bought all my Lotus new, from dealers.

A couple of things have to happen, and of course it's a vicious circle: Lotus has to produce cars people want and they have to advertise more, show up at car shows, etc. Dealers have to make buying a Lotus feel special - some likely do, and for others, it's the ugly sister to "real" cars they sell, where the margins are much better.

We have to recognize that not everyone wants to change their own oil, replace the battery every month to save 2.36 ounces, etc. That kind of thing scares away a lot of potential buyers. And, we have to recognize that Lotus can't be a cult car, or they'll just go broke - again. That doesn't mean giving up on what makes them special, but recognizing that people actually do want cars that shift themselves, that have radios you can hear, and have HVAC with more than two positions (maybe it's just me, but I'm on my third Lotus, and all I've ever had is basically off and on; the temp control is just there for fun, right?).

Yeah, it's cool to have a car that nobody recognizes, but nobody recognizes it at resale, either. There's a reason why cars prices at $98k sell for $68k new, and then sell for $48k a year later, and it's not because they have cool diffusers.

M. Gales, thanks for doing so much to make Lotus a better company and a better car. Please spend a few more bucks on marketing. Send over 20 more cars, so it's not just the people on this board who know there's a new Lotus.

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Lotus has been touting this fact a lot with this car. It seems they know the problem is not with the cars but getting people in dealerships. Positive reviews like this are what we need! In the meantime, I always let other people drive my Elise (with me in it), and they're always blown away. We need to do everything we can for brand awareness and the rest will come together

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