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Originally Posted by roblotus79 View Post
Great points Dylan. I'm a Lotus nut. I have owned 4 over the years. However, they have all been 15 years or older when I got them. In other words fully depreciated. They are awesome value. It is just way more acceptable to me to fettle away on the cars and fix this and that when they are 15 - 47 years old than when they are 0-5 years old. This IMO is where Lotus needs to improve. It's a bit shocking the little annoying things that went wrong with the Elise and Evora out of the gate. This is what makes them less appealing to the mainstream and revert to a true enthusiast's car.
I've owned 3 Lotus.
1 Replaced the sandwich gasket on my 2005 after 6 years.....rest was maintenance or mods
2. 2010 Evora After warranty niggles from the overstretched leather...NOTHING!!
3. 2011 Evora S. Minor warranty niggles and needed a steering rack which is a one off issue as its pretty rare. $$it happens but was replaced under warranty. Notice only one true mechanical issue in 3 cars. That's as reliable as damn near anything on the market. Only cars that have needed less are my 2 Jaguars. Go figure.

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