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Looking for an Elise SC Test Drive "Exchange" in DC/MD/VA

Hello all. New member here.

I'm seriously considering an Elise SC as my next purchase but, I'd really like an opportunity for an up-close viewing of one...along with a test ride.

In exchange, I can offer to buy lunch and, as long as we're within the range of it, a test ride/drive in my Tesla Roadster.

I've had the Roadster for a couple of years and, while it's a hoot to drive, the limitations of an all-electric drivetrain (plus the uniqueness of Tesla servicing) has me looking at other options.

When reading reviews of the Elise (and Elise SC), the two biggest complaints seem to be "it's really challenging to get in and out of gracefully" and "it doesn't have poop for storage space".

Well, the Roadster that's been my near-daily driver for the past couple of years is based on the Elise so, I'm used to both of those things. While I don't love the ingress/egress of the Roadster with the top on, I've gotten used to it.

For those that aren't familiar with the Tesla Roadster, it's built on an Elise chassis, has 288HP, a single-speed transmission (goes from 0-14,000 RPM...0-125 MPH). Heck, even reverse is just the electric motor spinning backwards.

I've researched a few different versions of the Elise and I think the SC is really the only one that would give me close to the performance I've gotten used to in the Roadster (not meaning to insult any non-SC Elise owners; but 0-60 in under 4 seconds is intoxicating...and addictive!)

I know that I'm almost-certainly going to have to travel to find an Elise SC (in the color combo I want) for sale...and pay to have it shipped. I'm OK with that but, I'd really like to have it narrowed down to that model before I buy a plane ticket.



P.S. If you'd prefer, I have a Chevy SSR (convertible pickup truck) that I could also offer a test drive of!

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