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Hey guys after a few days deciding which route to take with the resistors, I just ordered some new resistors to replace the old ones. I noticed that some of the other ones listed are no longer available. I didn't want to go with double the ohms for fan speed 3 because its already slow enough, so I found a same ohm and watt rating resistor plus it seems to possible be of slightly better quality. It isn't domestically made but then again neither is almost anything nowadays relative to the USA. ANYWAY, here is the replacement resistor that I believe is perfectly exchangeable for the no longer available other .05 ohm resistor.

(The new .05 ohm 50 watt chassis mount(slightly different block design but correct specs and still mountable))
THS50R05J TE Connectivity / CGS | Mouser
RoHS: Compliant1
0.05 Ohms 50W 50PPM 03/22/16 1 3.91

And here are the other ones that are still available:

HS50 R22 J ARCOL / Ohmite | Mouser
RoHS: Compliant1
HS50 R22 J
50W .22 OHM 5% 03/22/16 1 3.75

HS50 R27 J ARCOL / Ohmite | Mouser
RoHS: Compliant1
HS50 R27 J
50W 0.27 OHM 5% 03/22/16 1 3.75

They carry them in stock and with USPS priority it usually ships same day before 12:01PM almost anywhere with 2 days transit for 7.99.(best deal to go with) CALL them direct if you like, it was easier and faster for me.
Contact Mouser (USA) (800) 346-6873

Merchandise Total $11.41
Shipping $7.99 Priority Mail w/ Tracker
Tax $0.00
TOTAL $19.40

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