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Originally Posted by JamesAllen View Post
Late to this thread, but I've got a REV300 Elise up in Frederick.
JamesAllen, Thanks for chiming in.

It's not too late.

I've been trying to figure out the logistics of getting the Tesla down to Charlottesville (where cch1 is), but the only hotels that have charging are booked out MONTHS in advance...and I can't get there and back on a charge. I could do public charging but, that means I've got to find one, and then hang out for 5 hours while it recharges (that's why the hotel charging is so nice - charge while you sleep!)

tilon4 mentioned that he's in VA Beach but, that's even further.

Frederick is easily within range (and I know what my public charging options are in DC/VA/MD).

Is a "REV300" Elise equivalent in performance/horsepower to a factory Elise SC (I'll freely admit that I'm very confused about all of the different Elise configurations and options)?

It's starting to look like no two Elise's are alike!

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