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So my A/C blower began working intermittently recently. It was an all or nothing sort of deal, but I figured since my car sits out side and is now 11 years old it must be this corrosion issue every one else is having/has had.

I decided to get in there and replace and upgrade it all with new fancy 50w resistors I bought off mouser. And while I'm in there, aluminum radiator, and SS brake lines. yay.

So I get the clam pulled off, and the brake lines replaced while having my sexy assistant (wife) pull the rear under tray and drain the oil. I pulled the radiator and A/C condenser, which was supper easy because the last person cross threaded the crap out of the condenser fittings. So now I have to get the fittings repaired. yipee. Finally got in there and deep enough to get the HVAC box out of there and the blower motor, after drowning it all in coolant from pulling the heater core hoses.

So here is where it gets fun. I'm poking around looking for the resistor pack, slightly baffled because my blower motor has only two wires rather than the 4 I'd expect. It turns out all of this has already been replaced at some point. There are fancy 50w resistors inside the HVAC box, and a new connector that goes to the blower motor, and a big sticker on the blower motor that says "genuine Lotus replacement part". fancy that. It has been done already. So I inspect all the wiring checking for corrosion, or anything else that could cause the issue now that I've dedicated 5 hours of "getting intimate with the front of my car" to. Nothing. Everything looks perfect. Except for the A/C condenser fittings that look like my dog chewed on them for 20 minutes.

So, does anyone have any ideas? What could cause my blower to be intermittent? Do I need to check anything else while I'm in there? I've had the car the last 10k of 50k miles and this just started happening. I have a couple days because I can't get that condenser fixed till Monday.

Anyway, fun continues tomorrow. Gotta re assemble what I can, and install the DSBrace from sector 111.
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