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Originally Posted by exigegus View Post
vaporware............non specific link to some sales page.................

500 bucks it appears when it exists

I will post soon a setup I have installed, narrow angle camera so you can actually see behind an Exige. Less than half that
Not necessarily vaporware - there is some press about it:


Pearl Announces RearVision: World?s Most Advanced Automotive Backup Camera | Business Wire

That said, there appears to be an abundance of "leveraging competitive synergies across near-market verticals" kind of speak in contrast to zero specific details (like how this thing is powered - my guess is that thick section on the bottom is a battery casing) so I'm not hopeful. I'm also not a big fan of "yet-another-expensive-smartphone-accessory"

I'm getting some work done on my car, and I think I want to install an always-on rear camera, but I'm a little disappointed to find that most of the solutions are stuck in like 2004. There's literally not a single 1080p display single-din head unit that I can find anywhere. The same can be said of the cameras themselves - all of them seem to be low-def cameras (480p and below).

It's really disheartening because you can find 4in 1080p touch panels for like $15 on Aliexpress. You would think that some car stereo company would just stick a tablet chipset in a single-DIN unit do a little audio integration and call it a day, but there's basically nothing out there.

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