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Originally Posted by TechnoHippie View Post
My car is currently at dealership and I've been told my resistors are going bad. Sadly they say the front clam has to come off to fix this, so I passed on getting it done due to labor costs. Can this mod actually be done without removing the clam? I'm planning on living in Miami and reeealy want my A/C working, but geeeze not if it costs labor for clam removal...

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I can be done without removing clam but requires cutting (and patching) a sizable hole out of the ac recirculation panel in front of the brake pedal. Theres a few threads on here with that procedure if you search.

Removing and replacing the clam is only a fraction of the job, getting all the HVAC pieces out and back in is a chore and the AC system needs to be evacuated, reassembled and recharged correctly. if you're not comfortable with all that, you might want to leave it to a pro.
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