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Originally Posted by mavster View Post
I think I'm going to start a new thread at some point to make the info easier to find
Google searches tend to go to this thread, so it might be best to leave it here.

Originally Posted by mavster View Post
The pot doesn't fit and mount like OEM into the pod, its much smaller, but will fit with a washer to assist. The stalk is much smaller and not a half moon, so it mounts off center and spins in an elliptical path and not stay centered.
Thanks for that. It sounds very similar to the one I bought a while back but didn't end up installing in the car.

Originally Posted by mavster View Post
...I forgot to hold the second nut when removing the condenser ac line and it twisted and ruptured. Hopefully it can be repaired and not replaced.
Have you ever used Alumaweld? It's an aluminum brazing rod that works with a propane torch. Harbor Freight sells the rod or you can get them on the internet. Practice on some scrap aluminum first, but it's not hard as long as the the brazing material can't pour out of the spot you are trying to repair. You'll see what I mean when you try it or you can see it on YouTube videos. This is basically how AL radiators are made anyway. Often the side tanks are welded, but the core to the tanks are brazed on.
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