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Originally Posted by mavster View Post
perfect, I have the 10k ohm pot that I took off the temp control when I did the Tony Wa bypass. Obviously its got the right shaft on it.

Its not that its 10amp or 12amp, it's that the current drops regardless of whether I have it set to 10a or 2amp.

This unit says maximum output is 300W, that sounds like a lot but it could it be that its not enough at full power:

Input voltage : 12V DC

Maximum Output power: 300W

Maximum current: 30A

Overload Current: 60A

PWM pulse width modulation range: 0% - 100%;

Your charger though might be where the drop is coming from. Have you measured the input and output voltage at the same time? I bet you'll see they are the same and the charger just can't supply enough current, so the voltage drops.

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