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Feedback on Regions?

Hey all, when I originally set up the regions, it was with a little thought, but not too much. I knew that until the cars got here, there would be limited traffic regionally.

However, the cars are coming soon and I expect we will see more traffic in the regions for those setting up meets, autocrosses, track events, drives.... whatever.

My question is, are there changes to the region formats we should consider?

One I might do eventually... because I have seen how it works on other forums.... is create a SoCal and Norcal forum... IF traffic warrants it. Because the damn state is so long. But that is a maybe and in the future.

Do the groupings make sense? Are there other regions I missed?

We may eventually add Mexico when cars are sold down there. Canada here has been kinda sad... but then there is not much going on with Canada at this time.

Australia/NZ? Europe? SELOC seems to do Europe well.


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