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jprockjr - 2009 Lotus Exige S240 (wheel/tire/suspension/brakes)

All - The purpose of this thread is to document my different setups on the car. I will cover wheel, tire, suspension, and brakes that I have purchased and experimented with. Hoping this saves folks time and money. A lot of my experimentation came from not finding answers on the internet. I will continue to add information to the thread as I continue to find answers to my questions. I also want a location where I can store my pictures.

Vehicle: 2009 Lotus Exige S240 (4 of 14)
Wheels: OEM/Toybox/TE37SL
Tires: Yokohoma AO48, Toyo R888 (several sizes)
Brakes: OEM S240 BBK, AP Racing 4-wheel BBK
Suspension: OEM Bilstein Track Pack, Fred's Penske 2-way, 500F/700R (stock aero)

I will post pictures and try to be as specific as I can with with the setup. I have not tracked the car with any of these setups. I plan to track the car sooner than later. I weigh ~200 lb and usually have a passenger who weights ~200 lb.

2009 Lotus Exige S240

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