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Originally Posted by CruzrMM View Post
Thank you for taking the time to share this information.

Having a known set of specifications will allow for further extrapolation if slightly different wheels/offset/tire size are considered.

Finally, a reliable reference!
Thanks CruzMM. I'm tempted to try 235/45 on the Volk Rear next.

Originally Posted by EricH View Post

1) Thanks - if this thread has 1/2 the data as it does beautiful pictures it will be great! Seriously thanks for documenting your experiences.

2) Please Please Please do track your car to verify what works or not. That is the only way to safely test and verify the set up works. Some things might work 99% on the street -then that one bump or that one evasive maneuver will take out your fender/clam or cut the sidewall of the tire.
Thanks. I agree. Hoping to start tracking soon (this year). I have lots of pics so bare with me.

All - Just to be clear, these setups have been tested on the street only. The car drops an additional ~1/2 inch with a passenger and myself. I don't baby the car or slow down for bumps. I like the peace of mind of driving and enjoying the car on the street. So far no issues with the clam on street use only.

2009 Lotus Exige S240

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