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Originally Posted by Turbopun View Post
Your. Pix. Are. Gorgeous.
Also, awesome shop, yours?
Thanks! It's my home garage.

Originally Posted by shay2nak View Post
dayum, son.

I like the fitment of the Volks.

Do you know the weights?
Good question. Thought it was on the GroupBuy thread, but going thru it, I only found an approximate of 11lbs/15lbs. I'll weigh them next time I change tires.

Originally Posted by shinoo View Post
Excellent pix!

The AP brakes are awesome as we first ran them on our '06 Exige. They stop - RIGHT NOW! It is worth noting that the handbrake is lost when you go with this upgrade.


On track you will rub with your set-up. The wheel well liners (especially fronts) are consumables on a track driven Lotus with lower ride height. Be prepared to raise the ride height a bit at the track.
Thanks Shinoo! Good to know. The Sector111 car in that pic inspired my build. Brakes are awesome despite losing the e-brake like you mentioned. Wish we had a solution. Been thinking of several ideas but haven't had time to test yet.

2009 Lotus Exige S240

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