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Originally Posted by Turbopun View Post
Where do you live? The county you live in affects some of what gets tested. In major metros (Dallas, Travis, Harris, etc.) they do a sniffer that is more stringent than say out in BFE.

To be honest, I have *never* had issues, with either visual or sniffer testing, even in cases where I may been missing an emissions component, like say, a cat. Wait I take that back, I once had a dealer fail my Evo for having a test pipe. But even then, just swapped back and I was set.

Also I assume you're talking about an Elige? With modern EFI, and most credible aftermarket mods having a well integrated look, I would not worry at all about it.

Now, if you're talking about a G car Espirit with an engine swap running on a MS system, than I don't know.
I don't think they do sniffer tests for OBDII cars, they simply check for the OBD readiness flags. I've never heard of anybody getting a sniffer test for their modern cars.
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