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I wanted to follow up on this thread (that I started).

So, the summer hit and, along with all sorts of family crap happening, the Tesla decides to die...again.

The reason my eyes started to wander is because of the lack of reliability that I've been getting from the Tesla (the Roadster specifically). Well, my car has now taken "unreliable" to a whole 'nuther level.

On July 6 it crapped out (wouldn't charge - thankfully, it was in my driveway). Tesla towed it away.

I haven't seen it since.

4+ months and it's still "waiting on parts".

I gave up, I've moved on. Picked up a 2011 Elise (with a REV300 supercharger) last week, and I LOVE it!

It's just amazing how it...starts. You can actually drive it. It runs! (yeah, my standards are very low right now)

But, seriously, we flew to Detroit and bought it from @spitfun . Drove it home (572 miles, in one day). Had no problems at all. Car ran great. Been driving it daily since.

Once I get the Tesla back it'll be fun to compare to the two side-by-side (and then put a For Sale sign on the Tesla).
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