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Originally Posted by TachItUp View Post
Beautiful car. You took the aero kit off already?
While I loved the look of the rear wing and the front lip, they just didn't make the car practical in the real world.

The combination of the rear wing and the micro-mirror (which doesn't dim) made driving the car a complete nightmare after dark (basically, the headlights behind me looked like bright strobe lights...blinking through the wing). So, the wing came off, and the micro-mirror was replaced by a stock Elise mirror (which I literally just happened to have laying around in a drawer).

And the front lip scraped on EVERYTHING. Into the driveway...scrape. Out of the driveway...scrape. Tried backing into/out of the driveway...scrape. My neighborhood is lined with endless speedbumps. Scraped on every one of them.

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