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First of all, thanks to everyone who provided different insights and workarounds/fixes. It's people like you that allows me to try and tackle/solve things on my own first before taking to Lotus.

This issue has been occurring for months. Mostly heard during right hand turns, but could also be heard on left hand turns, or even going straight over a bump. I never took the wheels off, but inspected if the lug bolts, brake calipers, or body/under tray fixins were loose - nothing. So I planned to wait until my next Lotus service visit.

Last Friday I was in a parking garage and I didn't realize just how loud this clicking sound was, and it's just embarrassing to have a car look this nice but make a sound like this - so I knew I needed to get it fixed right away. Searched Lotustalk over the weekend and happy to have found this thread.

So this morning I first test drove around the block for a baseline sound. Then took each wheel off one at a time and closely inspected for anything loose, and then cleaned the rear side of the wheel and hub interface by spraying WD40 on paper towels and simply wiping down. I also cleaned between the lug bolt and the little cone shaped piece on the bolt. I then torqued to factory specs. And then test drove.

LHR wheel, the sound was almost gone. Perhaps 80% in clicking noise reduction. I then proceeded to RHR. And now 100%, no clicking noise. I wonder why no problems with the front wheels.

So at least the theory continues that removing the wheel and reattaching fixes the issue (perhaps temporarily). I'll need to confirm over time.

I don't drive the car too often, but I'll provide an update when I have logged 1000 miles, or earlier if I hear the sound again. Thanks again, at least I have a temporary solution to fixing this!
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