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Originally Posted by greenisGood View Post
After some more number crunching and reading all your recommendations, (thank you all,) and rereading Lolo's trials. It looks like 215/45/17 fronts and 275/35/18 rears with 9.5 inch wide rear wheels instead of 10's will work. The section difference front to back I'm not crazy about, so I'm also looking at 275/40 18's but they are higher .7" diameter. The last v8 rear recommended size 285/35/18, I think they may look out sized compared to the fronts. I really don't want it to look like a top fuel dragster. I was looking at the way Lotus matched tires pre the larger front wheelhouse change, that's why I'm leaning toward 9.5 inch rear wheels and 275 section either 40 or 35. My other parameter is I really like what I'm reading on Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's and the price! Second choice is Michelin Pilot Super Sport. I have those on another car, and great tire but ridiculous price for the wear.
Welcome all thoughts and input?
I know there are some significant differences between our cars, but I am running 215/45/17 and 275/35/18 on my car with 17x8.25" on the front and 18x9.75" on the rear. Tires are BFG comp 2's. Dimensionally they look well balanced, I would not change the sizing unless somebody came out with a 225/40/17 for the front. Never had any issues with rubbing front or back even at full lock. My only *very minor* complaint is that I think those tire sizes invoke a little more understeer than would be ideal....I haven't pushed it that far though.

1990 Esprit SE
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