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Lotus Driving Academy
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Originally Posted by AndyPaw View Post
I've been interested but info is almost impossible to find for it. The US specific website has expired (http://www.lotusdrivingacademyusa.com), the Facebook page looks completely dead (https://www.facebook.com/Lotus-Drivi...4724302269521/), and all links from the Lotus main website have been removed.

Is there any basic info you can provide like options/packages, pricing, dates/availability, ect.?

This is all I could find: MSR Houston welcomes the Lotus Driving Academy
Well, you are right. The program has been in pieces and to be honest it's still a work in progress. It's now under new management as the previous person in charge was slacking. I'm volunteering my time to try to get things rolling.

I will be going back to the academy in about a week and a half. Hopefully by then I can give you more information but as of now, all I can tell you is...

MSR is hoping to have the first class the last week of March, but nothing is set for sure just yet. There are currently 5 2017 Lotus Exige 360 Cup cars available for the academy or for purchase. There are also plans to bring in the Evora 400. However at this time I do not have info on what the classes will include but I do have pricing. I can update you in the future when I get more information on what each class entails. I do know that you receive a Lotus diploma upon completion of each level which is good for track use!

Intro to Lotus - $495
Level 1 Course - $795
Level 2 Course - $1750
Level 3 Course - $3995
Lotus Racing Academy - $7000

Update on what each course includes hopefully soon to come. On another note, you cannot drive your own car for these courses. As of now you are limited to the Exige v6 360 cup until the evora 400's come in. I will keep you guys updated in this thread as much as possible. Thanks for the patience.


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