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Originally Posted by 102ndcar View Post
Well, you are right. The program has been in pieces and to be honest it's still a work in progress. It's now under new management as the previous person in charge was slacking. I'm volunteering my time to try to get things rolling.

I will be going back to the academy in about a week and a half. Hopefully by then I can give you more information but as of now, all I can tell you is...

MSR is hoping to have the first class the last week of March, but nothing is set for sure just yet. There are currently 5 2017 Lotus Exige 360 Cup cars available for the academy or for purchase. There are also plans to bring in the Evora 400. However at this time I do not have info on what the classes will include but I do have pricing. I can update you in the future when I get more information on what each class entails. I do know that you receive a Lotus diploma upon completion of each level which is good for track use!

Intro to Lotus - $495
Level 1 Course - $795
Level 2 Course - $1750
Level 3 Course - $3995
Lotus Racing Academy - $7000
Thanks for the quick response. I'm still very interested so look forward to hearing more details once they are together. I loosely know what the levels entailed when they hosted it in Hethel, but would like to know how its been adapted to fit MSR.

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