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Combination of A/C issues

Hello all,

Just got finished reading a lot of threads and SirLotus information.

Background information: I live in the northeast US. I rarely drive the lotus in inclement weather, very rarely snow, rarely rain, but occasionally I do get caught. Temperatures that I drive in vary between freezeing temperatures through 90 degree weather. Humidity is not often too high, but I am caught in some humid hot rainy weather once in a while.

My particular set of symptoms:
1) My temperature knob does not work (more on this later)
2) My recirculation button seems to do nothing

Things I have done:
1) Checked that my flap motor under the left front access panel does not move. I manually move it a few times a year depending on weather

My wants:
I need a decently well working A/C for the 90 degree hot days
I need my heater to work as well
I need moisture removal when its humid

My skills: I am not a mechanic, but have fiddled around a bit on cars. I have good access to tools, but limited knowledge and skill (Probably won't be able to take off my front clam)

I've read about removing footwell cover and would be willing as long as it wont negatively affect my needs.

I welcome any suggestions

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