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Unhappy DONE.....but EL Panel Doesn't Light Up Anymore

Great success........until~!!

1.) Removed the factory silver face plate and any remaining silver paint that peeled off.
2.) I left most of the adhesive on the face of the orange paint for adhering the new black panel.
3.) Since I have the newer HVAC panel with the (3) knobs that light up, I laser engraved the backside of the black face plate to remove the paint.....same size and location as the clear area on the factory silver face plate. (You can see these areas in the photo below......it shows as orange since it's clear in those rings and showing the orange paint behind)

PROBLEM: I reassembled everything and installed back in the car, only to find out my EL panel is broken/delaminated where the ribbon wire attaches and the electrode(s) are broken inside the EL panel. I'm getting 119vAC coming out of the (2) pins where the ribbon wire attaches by powering the little black transformer on the black ground wire pin and the illumination wire pin with a 9v battery, so I know it's good all the way to the EL panel.

So, should I try to find a replacement HVAC panel and start over, or use an aftermarket EL panel and wire to the same transformer (here is a 6" x 2" white panel that would fit great: http://glowhut.com/electroluminescen...ector-6-2-inch)?

08 Exige S240 - Chrome Orange

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