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I thought of reaching out to Riceburner98, but he hasn't logged into the forum since June 20th.

Thanks for the advice on the EL panel. I know you can cut them, as long as you avoid the electrodes, but wasn't sure about punching 5 holes through it.

I think I'll just get another Lotus panel and be more careful in removing the silver faceplate, now that I know EL panels are made up of several layers. I believe my issue started when I first started to peel the silver face plate off.......I started on the corner where the ribbon wire attaches and accidentally got under the EL panel, so that entire corner started to delaminate before I noticed I was inside the EL panel. I spent an hour today trying to repair the EL panel at that corner but I think delaminating is like punching a hole.....you mess with the continuity and it's impossible to repair. If it was just the ribbon wires, I could have repaired those....but messing with the layers of an EL panel is another thing all together.

So, I decided to completely delaminate the entire EL panel to see and show what the insides look like. Might as well do something cool with it before throwing it in the trash.

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